1. How to automatically redirect to a new url - HTML Tutorial


    When you have changed your url, make a new secondary blog with your old url.

    1. Go to ‘customize’ on that blog.
    2. Go to ‘Edit HTML’.
    3. Delete EVERYTHING


    Copy and paste this code into your html

    <script language="javascript">



    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="7; url=http://OLDURL.tumblr.com">

    <a href="http://NEWURL.tumblr.com"><font face="arial,helvetica">NEW URL!</font></a>

    Replace ‘NEWURL' (two places) with the url of your primary blog (the site you want to redirect viewers to).

    Replace ‘OLDURL' (one place) with the url of your secondary blog, the one you are editing right now.

    When people visit your old url they will now automatically be redirected to your new url.

    Example: I used to be A-Million-Steps but if you click the link you will end up at my new url, Fitanne.


    Message me if you need help with this tutorial, or have a request for another.

    Made by Anne from Fitanne.

    NOTE: How to make it work in mobile browser too


  2. Old url….

    — > http://notalkingwhenyoulookstupid.tumblr.com/ < —-